Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Bailey Duquette’s attorneys are seasoned commercial litigators with extensive experience in federal and state courts and in commercial arbitrations and mediations, both domestic and international. The firm has represented individuals and companies of all sizes in disputes that span a wide range of industries and subject areas. Bailey Duquette acts as counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants, efficiently handling cases to best protect our clients. 

The firm handles commercial disputes, including breach of contract, business torts (such as breach of fiduciary duty and tortious interference with contract), fraud, mismanagement and other disputes involving businesses or business partners.  

The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in disputes involving employment matters of all types, intellectual property (copyright and trademark infringement, trade secrets, and Lanham Act claims), antitrust, FINRA, investor fraud and mismanagement, privacy, insurance coverage, and art. We also have a strong background in international arbitration covering both private commercial disputes and investor-state disputes.

Bailey Duquette employs all effective means to resolve disputes efficiently, favorably and cost-effectively. Through experience, we have found that a proactive approach to dispute resolution, coupled with close coordination with our clients, produces the best results: early dismissals, favorable settlements, and winning verdicts and awards.