Digital Payments

The firm’s digital payments practice

The firm’s Digital Assets & Payments Practice focuses on the complex and fast-changing array of novel legal issues faced by companies investing in, processing or otherwise handling digital payments, crypto-currencies and other digital assets. 

We have in-depth institutional knowledge of the payments and crypto-currency industries, and understand the unique technical attributes of these digital assets and the ways those attributes affect the application of existing and developing laws.

We have advised both Fortune 50 financial services and startup clients on the complex legal and regulatory issues that they face when innovating in digital payments, and have advised several of them on issues pertaining to bitcoin and other decentralized ledger assets, including:

  • Federal and state money transmission regulation
  • Federal and state securities laws pertaining to issuance of decentralized ledger assets
  • Digital assets as collateral in secured lending and other financial products

We dedicate significant time and resources in studying, analyzing, and proposing solutions to many of the legal challenges faced by the industry.

The attorneys leading our Digital Assets and Payments Practice are:

Miles Cowan (digital assets; crypto-currencies; decentralized ledger)
Paul Godinez (digital payments)

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